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Look my fellow Sasusaku fans!



"One thing is for sure: whatever the future holds, it’s clear that they’ll always be important parts of each other’s lives"


Sasuke’s memories of Sakura are not based on sight.
Sakura resides in the heart.

i let it fall, my heart
// insp

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Some shots of my Link cosplay from Oni-Con 2012. I won Best Craftsmanship in the Cosplay Contest. 

 Every garment, prop, and accessory you see here was made by me, including the chainmaille, iron boots, horse call, and gale boomerang. I styled the wig and did the makeup for the ears as well.



someone rec me a fic where sakura isnt badly written


Blind by obsidiansickle


tried out some new makeup??  

[lenses] [hoodie]

So there is this pregnancy test meme happening on twitter, and this is what I was working on…

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Even if the endless sorrow steals you away,

Don’t forget the days when you thought

the “goodbye” was a lie

-Shiver (the GazettE)

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imagine sakura wearing this to seduce sasuke


Oh my god

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